Anxiety is normal, managing it well is a skill we can learn

If you’re finding this hard, it’s because it’s hard - anxiety, fear, anger and loneliness and sadness are among the totally reasonable emotions we might feel in tough situations : You’re amazing. You just haven’t been taught how to handle big emotions and challenging situations - and that’s on us, not you! We can do hard things 💜

Supporting Shy kids

We worry our shy kids won't make friends, or that their shyness will hold them back in life - but is that really true? Is shyness a personality trait, or a phase? As grownups, how can we support introverted, sensitive shy children to thrive and grow?

Self Care for busy Mums - 5 minute ideas for bite size ways to recharge throughout the day

The final video explaining the PARENTS technique to manage tantrums meltdowns and incidents with children. Our self care is so important!

Tantrums meltdowns and angry children - T is for think.

How to think through the changes needed to reduce incidents frequency and violence ☀️

Tantrums, meltdowns and angry incidents - the PARENTS technique step 3: the E is for Empathy.

This is the fourth step in the P.A.R.E.N.T.S technique Pause, Assess, Reflect, Empathise, Nurture, Think & Self care. How to verbally empathise to connect and de-escalate emotions

Tantrums, meltdowns & anger - responding calmly with a great technique. A for assess & R for Reflect

The second video in the series explaining the stages in the PARENTS technique to manage emotionally charged incidents - A for assess and R for reflect 🌟

Tantrum meltdown and anger management step one - P is for PAUSE

Step one in the PARENTS technique to respond to incidents and challenging flash points with children and teens. P is for pause

Children’s meltdowns, tantrums and fistfights - how to emerge feeling proud of how you handled it

A step by step guide to responding mindfully and deliberately to emotionally charged incidents with our children. These are some of the toughest times as a parent - when all our buttons are pressed ! Try this - just some ideas, from many years experience in family support and as a Mum- who knows, some of it might just work

Supporting anxious children with visualisation

Visualisation is how we create our reality, approach challenges with confidence and grow into the version of ourselves we want to become. Here are a few ideas on how to support children to use their imagination to face changes and challenges with courage. 💥🧡💥

Supporting children through change

Some ideas of ways to support our children with visualisation- to navigate changes and situations they find difficult. Anxiety around change is common, big changes like a house move or a bereavement or a new teacher, small ones like a birthday party or visitors or even new shoes!

Easing lockdown restrictions, helping children navigate their new normal 🌻

Some ideas on how to support children to prepare for the easing of social distancing restrictions and a return to activities.

Child to Teenager parenting

Understanding how to adjust your parenting to respond to your child's growing need for separation and independence. Keeping them safe, staying connected and still having a voice that is heard and valued as they develop their sense of self.

All about EFT ‘tapping’ : The why and how

A guide to Emotional freedom technique (EFT) or tapping by an experienced Master practitioner. A look at the evidence and the step by step process of doing an effective tapping session

Quick interview about Teenagers

In the midst of covid 19 fears and teens defiance and risk taking suddenly being life threatening, some practical tips and ideas to guide them.

Round Tower Integrated Primary School

A quick hello to all the children we worked with, and a reminder of the what we learnt together

Parenting Teens

An explanation of what is happening in a teenage brain, and some useful strategies to support families

Rollercoaster Breathing

A simple, playful breathing technique to calm big emotions- really helpful for anxiety and anger, and tantrums from all ages 💜

Hand Reflexology

Really simple technique to help children to reduce fear, sadness, anger, worry and improve self esteem

Flowers and Windmills - a great breathing technique for families

A child friendly and very effective breathing technique for families to restore calm and reason when struggling with big emotions

Home schooling through Coronavirus school closure

Some guidance hints and tips from an experienced home educator for social isolation and beginning the daunting task of supporting our children’s learning

Energy EFT Master Practitioner

BIG +10 congratulations to Kerry McWilliams for completing Energy EFT Master Practitioner with GoE trainer Bridin McKenna, UKCP Reg. Clinical Psychotherapist!

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation

BIG +10 congratulations to Kerry McWilliams for completing Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with GoE trainer Bridin McKenna, UKCP Reg. Clinical Psychotherapist!